st therese 24 glory be novena

“St Therese 24 Glory be Novena”: This Shockingly Simple Prayer Will Transform Your Spiritual Life

“St Therese 24 Glory be Novena”: This Shockingly Simple Prayer Will Transform Your Spiritual Life

The St Therese 24 Glory be Novena is a very special prayer with power that can transform your life. Hello friends! I’m so delighted you’re here to learn all about the special St Therese 24 Glory Be novena. This beautiful devotion to my favorite saint, Therese of Lisieux, has blessed me immensely. I can’t wait to share every detail with you!

In this post, we’ll explore:

– What is the St Therese 24 Glory Be novena?
– The prayers said in this novena
– When and how to pray it
– The novena’s origins
– Intentions to include
– Where to find the prayers
– Why St Therese is so important
– Making a pilgrimage to Lisieux
– Other French saints to see
– And how this novena helps us become saints!

So brew your favorite drink, snuggle close, and let’s talk about the amazing St Therese 24 Glory be Novena!

st therese 24 glory be novena
st therese 24 glory be novena

What is the St Therese 24 Glory Be novena?

In the Catholic tradition, a novena is a beloved devotion of focused, repetitive prayer over 9 days. Novenas allow us to meditate deeply on a saint and request their heavenly intercession.

Therese of Lisieux, also called the Little Flower, has a very special novena known as the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena. True to its name, this novena includes praying 24 Glory Be’s each day for 9 days – a total of 216 Glory Be’s by the end!

The Glory Be prayer, also known as the Doxology, is a short but powerful prayer of praise to the Holy Trinity:

“Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.”

In the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena, we center each day around a specific theme or intention related to developing Therese’s “Little Way” virtues and spirituality in our own lives. After each day’s short reflection, we lift up the designated intention by praying 24 Glory Be’s.

Reciting 216 Glory Be’s over 9 days immerses us completely in the presence of God, through the intercession of His beloved Saint Therese! This simple yet potent novena allows Therese to powerfully aid us on our journey to sanctity.

What are the prayers in the St Therese 24 Glory Be novena?

The St Therese 24 Glory be Novena features the same prayers each of the 9 days. The beauty lies in the short daily reflection and selected intention for that day.

Here are the prayers included in the novena each day:

– Opening Prayer
– 24 Glory Be’s
– Brief daily reflection and intention
– 24 more Glory Be’s
– Memorare to St Therese
– Prayer for Canonization
– St Therese Novena Prayer
– Petition Prayer
– Litany of St Therese
– Closing Prayer

The cornerstone is those 24 Glory Be’s offered before and after the unique daily intention. Surrounding these prayers is a nourishing framework of novena classics like the Memorare, Litany, and prayers Therese herself cherished.

Together, the prayers and reflections immerse us in St Therese’s holy presence and “Little Way” virtues for those 9 days. We come away renewed in spirit and revitalized to pour Christ’s love on all we meet!

st therese 24 glory be novena
st therese 24 glory be novena

When do you pray the St Therese 24 Glory Be novena?

Traditionally, St Therese 24 Glory be Novena is prayed in the days leading up to her feast day, October 1st. Many devotees begin on September 23rd and pray through October 1st, the last day being her feast.

However, this powerful novena can be prayed anytime we wish to request St Therese’s intercession or grow closer to Jesus through her “Little Way” spirituality. It’s often recommended to make the novena in preparation for special intentions or occasions when extra grace is needed.

Some examples are starting the school year, important decisions, transitions or moves, significant life events, suffering, loss, etc. Therese’s novena brings comfort, wisdom and peace when we need it most.

Truly anyone can pray the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena to St Therese at any time. Therese is a faithful friend always near, when we call on her heavenly aide!

Faith Focused Dating Paul and Regina

What dates is the St Therese 24 Glory Be novena?

While the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena can be prayed anytime, tradition marks praying it annually in the 9 days before her feast day.

In 2023, St Therese’s feast falls on:
– Saturday, October 1st

So the novena would be prayed on:
– September 23rd through October 1st

Keeping the novena in sync with St Therese’s October 1st feast day is recommended. But even just jotting the dates on your calendar ensures you complete the full devotion annually.

Many devotees enjoy praying together on the novena leading up to the 1st. Check for local groups or virtual novena buddies! Having prayerful community enriches the experience.

No matter when you decide to pray it, calling on St Therese through the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena will bear abundant spiritual fruit!

How do you pray the St Therese 24 Glory Be novena?

Once you have the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena prayers printed or displayed digitally, you’re ready to begin! Here are some tips:

– Find a quiet space to minimize distractions while praying.

– Open your heart and invite the Holy Spirit to guide each novena day.

– Read slowly and reflectively on the short reading provided for that day.

– Lift up the designated intention in your own words. Entrust it to St Therese’s intercession.

– Recite the first 24 Glory Be’s with full attention and devotion. Savor each word.

– After the Memorare and other prayers, return to the second set of 24 Glory Be’s, again attentively.

– Close by gratefully talking with St Therese and God in your own words.

– Repeat daily for 9 consecutive days. Set a regular novena prayer time if possible.

Let the gentle rhythm of this novena still your soul. Simply rest in the Father’s presence with Therese beside you! Her 24 Glory Be’s will work miracles.

st therese 24 glory be novena
st therese 24 glory be novena

What is the origin and history of the St Therese 24 Glory Be novena?

Like many treasured Catholic devotions, the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena arose organically from the laity’s grassroots love for “the Little Flower.”

After Therese’s autobiography Story of a Soul spread worldwide following its publication in 1898, devotion to Therese flourished among everyday Catholics. They were drawn to her simplicity, confidence in God’s love and emphasis on small acts done with great kindness.

Seeking her heavenly intercession through novenas became very popular. Eventually, the 24 Glory Be format took shape: a more concentrated novena highlighting Therese’s virtues by reciting 24 Glory Be’s over 9 days leading up to her feast on October 1st.

This novena’s humble beginnings speak to the power of beloved saints like Therese to capture hearts, not through top-down decree, but through their gentle holiness touching others. Over a century later, may we continue to spread the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena and the fragrance of Therese’s Little Way!

What intentions should I pray for in the St Therese 24 Glory Be novena?

The wonderful part about this novena is that ANY intention, big or small, can be lifted to St Therese amidst the 24 Glory Be prayers! She cares about every detail of our lives.

Some common intentions devotees bring to the novena are:

– Asking for deeper humility, simplicity, trust and the other “Little Way” virtues Therese embodied.

– Prayers for the missions and missionary work Therese dearly loved to support.

– Strength to persevere amidst trials and suffering with Therese’s confidence in God’s mercy.

– Discernment for major life decisions or pursuing religious vocations, which Therese understood.

– Courage to confront fears, failings, and worldly temptations holding us back from God.

– Hope and comfort through loneliness, loss, anxiety or times of darkness.

– Asking St Therese’s intercession for any urgent need – physical, emotional, or spiritual.

– Increased devotion and love for St Therese!

Every heartfelt intention finds a home in the care of our sister Therese. Bring ALL desires and lay them trustingly at her feet through this novena of 24 Glory Be’s.

Where can I find the St Therese 24 Glory Be novena prayers?

The St Therese 24 Glory be Novena is easy to find for free online! Here are some options:

– Catholic sites like offer the full novena text in a printable PDF download.

– Various Catholic blogs and websites share the prayers in their posts about the novena devotion.

– Many pilgrimage sites connected with St Therese like the Shrine of Lisieux provide the novena text.

– Apps like Laudate let you access the novena prayers on your phone for praying on the go!

– Catholic books and booklets on St Therese typically include the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena text as well.

– Try local parishes, libraries, or religious education programs if you’d like a physical copy.

With so many freely available resources, we can easily obtain this grace-filled novena. Ask and you shall receive the help of St Therese! She makes sure her beloved novena reaches all who desire it.

Why is St Therese of Lisieux so important?

St Therese of Lisieux may have only lived 24 short years, but her incredible spirituality as “the Little Flower” captured hearts worldwide and continues inspiring millions today! Here’s why she’s such an important saint:

– Her “Little Way” of holiness through daily small acts of love is simple yet so profound. She makes sanctity feel accessible for ordinary people.

– She demonstrated heroic virtue and obedience despite great inner suffering, modeling steadfast faith.

– Her autobiography Story of a Soul draws countless souls closer to Christ through its honest wisdom and profound insights.

– Her devotion to spiritual childhood, simplicity, and littleness in Christ revolutionized thinking about the path to holiness.

– She was one of only four women Doctors of the Church thanks to her embodied spirituality and wisdom.

– She is a patron saint of many causes including the missions, florists, aviators, illness, and much more!

– Her care for others as their “sister” and shower of roses from heaven inspire deep devotion and prayer.

St Therese shows us all that a life fully given to God bears fruit even long after leaving this earth. May the Little Flower continue nurturing hearts worldwide through her little way of love!

How can I make a Catholic Pilgrimage to see Saint Therese of Lisieux?

st therese 24 glory be novena
st therese 24 glory be novena Where St Therese grew up CC

Visiting the sites in France from St Therese’s holy life helps us step into her spirituality in powerful ways. If you feel called to make a Lisieux pilgrimage, here are helpful tips:

– Plan your travel dates carefully. Late spring through fall has better weather, but more crowds. Allow 5-7 days to see key spots at a relaxed pace.

– Book lodging in Lisieux close to the basilica and convents early. Good locations fill up fast!

– Obtain any needed travel visas, documentation, and immunizations well in advance. Consider pilgrimage tour groups to arrange.

– Schedule visits to the Lisieux Basilica, Les Buissonnets family home, Carmel convent, relic sites, and other local Church history.

– Make time for prayer, reflection, and cultural experiences like French cuisine. Let Therese’s spirit come alive.

– Start preparing your heart spiritually by reading about her life and praying novenas. Set intentions for graces sought on the pilgrimage.

With planning, your time walking in St Therese’s footsteps will bear incredible spiritual fruit! Therese will walk closely with you in the places her feet once trod. What a blessing.

st therese 24 glory be novena
st therese 24 glory be novena Home where St Therese was born. CC

What other saints and holy places are there to see in France?

In addition to St Therese, France overflows with wondrous Catholic history and saints! If visiting Lisieux, consider seeing:

– St. Joan of Arc: View her relics and sites in Rouen associated with her life and martyrdom.

– Our Lady of Lourdes: Make a pilgrimage to the site of St. Bernadette’s Marian apparitions.

– St. Catherine Labouré: Explore Paris sites connected to her life and the Miraculous Medal.

– St. Margaret Mary Alacoque: Travel to Paray-le-Monial associated with her visions of Christ’s Sacred Heart.

– St. Vincent de Paul: Visit sites in Paris highlighting this patron of charitable service.

– Other local saints’ shrines like St. John Vianney, St. Louis, St. Geneviève, and more!

Let your itinerary take shape as the Holy Spirit guides you. France overflows with friends in Heaven ready to lift your soul!

st therese 24 glory be novena
st therese 24 glory be novena Where St Therese was baptized CC

Making travel arrangements to see St. Therese of Lisieux

Organizing international travel always requires planning, especially for a spiritual pilgrimage. Here are some tips to smooth the journey:

– Book flights 3-5 months in advance for lower fares. Flying into Paris allows exploring more of France easily.

– Reserve lodging in Lisieux early. Aim for hotels near the basilica or with kitchenettes to manage food costs.

– Purchase any train tickets between towns ahead of time. Traveling between holy sites is part of the experience!

– Get travel insurance in case any last-minute issues arise requiring cancellation or changes.

– Apply early for any required passports and visas – this can take months for processing.

– Prayerfully choose travel dates and consecrate the journey to Our Lady and St Therese!

Staying flexible through any hiccups, your trip will be blessed. Let St Therese guide your pilgrim footsteps!

I’ve traveled extensively. Among the nations I’ve traveled to are America, Scotland, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, The Vatican, Switzerland, France, Milan, and all of Israel. I’ll be in Turkey very soon.

I am knowledgeable about every aspect of travel. I’ve shared a few simple tools to help you get ready for your vacation.

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  7. Travel Insurance
  8. Phone for Traveling


Time to pack your bags! 🙂

How can praying St Therese 24 Glory Be novena help me become a saint?

This powerful novena deepens devotion to our sister Therese while also nudging our hearts towards greater holiness. Here are some graces we can obtain through praying it:

– Therese’s spirit of prayer and trusting dependence on God expands in our souls the more we pray the novena.

– Therese teaches us the value of small sacrifices and silence amidst mundane tasks. Her example encourages virtue.

– Immersing ourselves in her teachings and miraculous intercession ignites longing to draw ever nearer to Christ’s love.

– As we meditate on her life, we unearth wisdom for pursuing our own vocations with fidelity and love.

– Reciting 216 Glory Be’s over 9 days reminds us of God’s eternal glory – the purpose of all we do.

– We obtain graces to mortify selfishness and detach from worldly vanities that impede intimacy with Jesus.

– Therese lifts the lowly, so this novena humbles and attracts God’s mercy upon us.

Truly the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena transforms all willing hearts, just as little Therese herself was transformed by fiery love for Christ. Let us run the race to sainthood beside our sister saint!

Are You Inspired?

Did the lessons on the St Therese 24 Glory be Novena today motivate or encourage you in any way? The biographies of saints make for thought-provoking reading and discussion. It’s highly likely to bear spiritual fruit in our life.

They could even consent to come with you to church. Even better, you might be able to introduce them to the Gospel so they can become sinless. Romans 3:23 states that all people have sinned and are short of God’s glory. Consequently, everyone needs a Savior. It should be possible for you to explain this to them.

God made provision for us to become His children by sending His one and only son to fulfill the requirements of the law. Rom. 4:15–16

Jesus had to come to Earth, live a blameless life, and die to make the ultimate atonement for our transgressions. The Bible makes this claim.

They could even consent to go to church with you. Better yet, you might be able to introduce them to the Gospel, which will help them become sinless. Romans 3:23 says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. As a result, everyone needs a Savior. You should be able to explain this to them.

In order to redeem those who were under the law so that we could become His children, God sent His one and only son to live under the law. 4:15–16 in Romans

Jesus had to come to Earth, live a blameless life, and die in order to offer the ultimate atonement for our sins. The Bible says it like this…

“Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.”

– Hebrews 9:22

The narrative was not over when he passed away. No. He regained consciousness! He promises to bring us back to life once we die because He is alive. Sin and death were permanently vanquished by him. Hallelujah!

After sharing this life-saving information with your loved ones, friends, and acquaintances, invite them to RCIA at their local Catholic church.

Through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, or RCIA, family members, friends, and acquaintances can join the Catholic Church and be eligible to receive the Holy Sacraments. Students can learn everything they need to know about our glorious Christian religion and our Compassionate Jesus by participating in RCIA sessions given by their parish.

This is the genuine method of saving a life. I’m wishing for you in this!

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For a list of additional prominent saints, go to our website by clicking HERE.

st therese 24 glory be novena
st therese 24 glory be novena

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Well, that’s all for today.

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