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‘We Are Saintly’ was born from a shift in our family’s daily routine. We were a typical Catholic family that went to Church on Sunday and enjoyed reading our daily Catholic Scripture readings.

Then, we were given a book on the Saints by my husband and the kids and I began to read about a new Saint each day. Our spiritual lives began to blossom by learning about the lives of these holy heroes.

We discovered the significance of praying the Rosary everyday and felt empowered by using our spiritual weapon. We even discovered the Divine Mercy Chaplet and began praying that each day.

In a very short amount of time, God kneaded Himself more deeply into our souls. I developed a thirst for knowledge about the Catholic faith and spent hours listening to Catechesis and YouTube channels like Sensus Fidelium, Ascension Presents, Fr. Mark Goring, Fr. Donald Calloway, and All Saints Parish.

It’s after this spiritual awakening that we wanted to share the lives of the Saints with others around the world so that their families could begin to Read, Pray, & Learn the Saint of the Day too!

Join us here everyday at WeAreSaintly.com to Read, Pray, & Learn the Saint of the Day.

Let’s share our Catholic faith with the world!

All Glory to our God and King, Jesus Christ!

Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, along with all the Saints…Pray For Us.

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