Saints Felicity and Perpetua

9 Fascinating Facts about Saints Felicity and Perpetua

Saints Felicity and Perpetua

Saints Felicity and Perpetua hold a special place in my heart. In fact, I chose Saint Perpetua to be my patron saint. 

Why you ask?

Because I admired her extreme bravery, her incredible faith, and her personality.

Spoiler alert… when she was in the lion’s den about to be eaten, her first reaction was not to run away or cower down.

Instead, she began to fix her hair because she knew she was about to meet Jesus and she wanted to look nice for Him.

Oh my goodness! That’s incredible! Is that the same thing that you would do in that situation?

All of her thoughts were engulfed in meeting the Lord and her actions proved that.

Her faith defied her fears and any anxiety she had. She pressed forward and today, she is a beautiful example for us all.

Who are Saints Felicity and Perpetua?

Saints Felicity and Perpetua, two early Christian martyrs, lived in the third century. Perpetua, a young woman of aristocratic descent, became a Christian and was imprisoned as a result of her beliefs. Felicity, a slave and fellow convert, was imprisoned with Perpetua.

Because of their beliefs, the two women together suffered terrible beatings and other sorts of torture. Because they maintained their faith despite adversity, they are renowned for their fortitude and fortitude in the face of persecution.

Saints Felicity and Perpetua

Saints Felicity and Perpetua are revered as martyrs by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, and throughout the years, their story has been told multiple times, inspiring Christians all over the world. They are regarded as role models for the resilience of religion in the face of adversity, as well as lights of courage and hope. (

Saints Felicity and Perpetua
Saints Felicity and Perpetua

What was the Passion of Saints Felicity and Perpetua?

The Passion of Saints Felicity and Perpetua tells the tale of two young Christians from the early third century who were taken captive, tried, and ultimately martyred. A powerful and moving depiction of the women’s faith, suffering, and persistence in the face of persecution may be seen in The Passion.

After being imprisoned for their beliefs, Saints Felicity and Perpetua suffered greatly for their faith, according to the Passion. The two ladies continued to practice their religion in the face of abuse and suffering, praying and sharing their views even as they were ready to be put to death.

The Passion of Saints Felicity and Perpetua, one of the earliest and most important pieces of Christian literature, is still read and studied today. It is seen as a powerful example for anyone who aspire to live lives of piety and devotion and a testament to the tenacity and faith of the early Christian martyrs. (EWTN)

How Saint Perpetua died

St. Perpetua was a Christian martyr who lived at the beginning of the third century. She and many other Christians were imprisoned during the persecution of the Christian faith by the Roman Empire. While incarcerated, she wrote in a diary about her experiences and her steadfast faith. She discussed a variety of topics in it, including her visions, her encounters with angels, her eventual journey to the arena where she would be fed to the lions, and more. Despite the danger, St. Perpetua maintained her faith, and she was ultimately murdered in the lion’s cave. Her story has inspired generations of Christians and served as a reminder of the power of faith in the face of adversity.

How Saint Felicity died

St. Felicity was a Christian martyr who lived at the beginning of the third century. She and her seven boys were detained as the Roman Empire persecuted the faith. She urged her sons to emulate her by maintaining their religious steadfastness in spite of their circumstances. Finally, Felicity and her sons were executed for their beliefs. She gave birth just before she was slain, dying while cradling the kid, according to one story.  Her story serves as a powerful illustration of the persistence of faith and the lengths people would go to defend and uphold their beliefs.

Where are Saints Felicity and Perpetua buried?

Saints Felicity and Perpetua’s tomb is thought to be in the ancient city of Carthage, which is now Tunisia, however its precise position is unknown. In the early decades of Christianity, Carthage was a hub of Christian activity in North Africa. During the rule of the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus, Christians faced severe persecution there.

The Catholic and Orthodox Churches commemorate Saints Felicity and Perpetua as martyrs, and although though it is unknown where they are buried, their story continues to inspire people all over the world. Their legacy is seen as a tribute to the tenacity of faith, the bravery of the early Christians, and the perseverance of everyone who has followed them.

Taking a pilgrimage to the ancient city of Carthage

Carthage, a prominent center of trade in antiquity, was strategically located on the coast of North Africa not far from what is now Tunisia. It functioned as the administrative center of the powerful maritime trading Carthaginian Empire in the Mediterranean.

Because the city had a huge natural harbor and was a significant hub for trade and commerce, most ancient visitors to Carthage arrived by sea. Ships would bring goods from all across the Mediterranean to Carthage where they would be traded and disseminated throughout the rest of the empire. Land routes also connected Carthage to other parts of North Africa and beyond, albeit they were more restricted and challenging to cross.

Carthage was a major commercial centre as well as a military superpower that participated in multiple wars with the Roman Empire, most notably the Punic Wars. Before being ultimately destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC, it was later repaired and transformed into a prominent Christian center in the early centuries of Christianity.

Carthage is a popular tourist attraction and an important archaeological site. Ancient Carthage’s ruins, such as the Antoninus Baths, the Amphitheater, and the Tophet, a sacred place used for child sacrifice, are still visible today.

I’ve put together a fun day trip for you to check out if you’re wanting to visit Carthage and make a pilgrimage there to honor these brave saints.  Just click on the “Find things to do” in Carthage and go exploring.

saints felicity and perpetua
saints felicity and perpetua

What are Saints Perpetua and Felicity known for?

Saints Felicity and Perpetua, early third-century Christian martyrs, are admired for their valor and faith. Due to their convictions, Felicity, a slave, and Perpetua, a young woman of noble descent, were both arrested and imprisoned. The two women remained steadfast in their beliefs despite harassment and violence, and they are renowned for their bravery and fortitude under duress. The Passion of Saints Felicity and Perpetua, a well-known piece of Christian literature that pays homage to the early Christian martyrs, describes their arrest, trial, and eventual martyrdom.

Their narrative continues to inspire people all around the world because of their persistent dedication to their religion, and the Catholic and Orthodox Churches venerate them as martyrs. Their legacy is one of bravery and optimism in the face of adversity.

What are Saints Felicity and Perpetua Quotes?

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saints felicity and perpetua
saints felicity and perpetua

The Passion of Saints Felicity and Perpetua’s description of her life, which provides insight into her beliefs and worldview, can be used as an additional source of information and inspiration. Her persistence in the face of persecution and her unwavering dedication to her faith, even in the face of death and torture, are two examples of her heroic achievements that are commonly highlighted.

When is Saints Felicity and Perpetua Feast Day?

The feast days of Saints Felicity and Perpetua are observed on March 7 by both the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Their martyrdom, which took place in Carthage, North Africa, at the start of the third century, is commemorated on this day. On this day, Christians remember the bravery and faith of these two young women because they committed their lives to bearing witness to their faith in Jesus Christ. On the day of their feast, people might reflect on the saints’ lives and be motivated by their commitment and faith.

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