What is St Prisca the patron saint of

What is St Prisca the Patron Saint of?

What is St Prisca the Patron Saint of?

If you’re wondering, what is St Prisca the patron saint of, you’ve come to the right place.

It was the time of the early church. Christianity was new and confusing. People were dying left and right for their faith. They didn’t have the Church nicely set in order like we have today.

They didn’t have the catechism.

At this point, they didn’t even have a compilation of the Bible!

Yet, brave souls like St Prisca offered up their lives for Jesus.

How inspiring! This is her story….


  • What is St Prisca the Patron Saint of?
  • When is St Priscilla Feast Day?
  • St Prisca, the Child Martyr
  • Where is St Prisca Buried?
  • Staying at the Hotel Santa Prisca Rome Italy
  • St Prisca Prayer
  • Reflections on the Life of St Prisca 

What is St Prisca the Patron Saint of?

St Prisca is the patron saint of prisoners. St Prisca is a Christian figure by the name of St. Prisca. According to tradition, st  was a martyr who lived in the first century AD.   is included in the Roman Martyrology, a list of saints and martyrs recognized by the Catholic Church.

While the circumstances of St. Prisca’s life are unknown, it is believed that she was a young woman who lived in Rome during the time of Nero the Roman Emperor. For her Christian views, she was detained and imprisoned; it is reported that she was tortured to death for refusing to renounce them.

Despite the fact that there is little historical information accessible about St. Prisca, she has been regarded as a saint for many centuries.

Her name can be found in numerous medieval martyrologies due to the popularity of her cult during the Middle Ages.

In artwork, St. Prisca is frequently shown with a palm branch, a representation of martyrdom, or a jail or chains, a representation of her imprisonment. The 18th of January is her feast day.

Prisca’s tale serves as motivation for others who are in challenging situations or who may be incarcerated. She serves as a reminder that even in the most challenging circumstances, one may remain faithful to God. Her support of inmates serves as a reminder that even those who are behind bars still have rights to respect and decency.

St. Prisca, a Christian saint who is revered as the patron saint of prisoners, is a final point to make.

What is St Prisca the patron saint of
What is St Prisca the patron saint of

When is St Priscilla Feast Day?

The 18th of January is observed as St. Priscilla’s feast day by the Roman Catholic Church. St. Priscilla is honored as a saint for her work as a prison benefactor and Christian martyr. She lived in Rome as a young woman while Nero was the Roman Emperor, according to tradition. For her Christian views, she was detained and imprisoned; it is reported that she was tortured to death for refusing to renounce them.

On the occasion of St. Priscilla’s feast day, Catholics have the opportunity to remember and honor her for her bravery and unwavering faith. On this day, Catholics attend mass and hear sermons about St. Priscilla’s life.

They might also partake in unique prayers, devotions, and other religious activities in her honor.

Many Catholics pause to reflect on the teachings that St. Priscilla’s life may have to offer. Her experience, for example, can motivate people who are facing difficult situations or are incarcerated. Her advocacy on behalf of prisoners serves as a reminder that everyone, especially those who are imprisoned, is still entitled to dignity and respect.

A few parishes or churches may also organize special events like processions, ethnic festivals, and social gatherings. These events might also include religious plays, musical performances, and other elements of popular culture.

Last but not least, the celebration of St. Priscilla’s feast day offers Catholics a chance to remember and celebrate her for her valor and strong faith, as well as to consider any lessons that her life may hold for us. Catholics attend mass on this day and engage in additional religious rituals, prayers, and devotions in her honor. To remember the Saint, some churches or parishes may also hold special events including cultural activities, processions, and social gatherings.

St Prisca, the Child Martyr…

Saint Prisca, according to legend, was born into a noble family. When she was thirteen, St. Peter allegedly baptized her. Emperor Claudius gave her instructions to provide a sacrifice to the god Apollo. When she refused due to her Christian faith, she was beaten and imprisoned. She was finally thrown to a lion in the amphitheater, but it curled up at her feet lovingly. The Italian poet Martha Marchina (1600-1646) depicts the moment of Prisca’s martyrdom in two lines from her poem Musa Posthuma and contrasts the lion’s altruistic nature with human cruelty. [2]

She was held captive as a slave for three days, tortured on the rack, and then thrown onto a burning pyre.

Still she remained alive, but was beheaded at the tenth milestone on the Via Ostiensis—the road from Rome to Ostia. – Wikipedia

Where is St Prisca Buried?

The early Christian victim Saint Prisca is commemorated in the Catacomb of Priscilla in Rome, Italy. It is one of Rome’s oldest and most significant catacombs, located on the Via Salaria. The catacomb, which is said to have served as a graveyard for early Christians in Rome, existed most likely in the second century AD.

The well-preserved frescoes and other decorations in the Catacomb of Priscilla are known for providing an enlightening view into the art and culture of the early Christian era. Many saints and martyrs, including St. Prisca herself, are depicted in the paintings, along with scenes from the Bible including the Last Supper, the Adoration of the Magi, and the Good Shepherd.

Because they provide crucial information on the early Christian community in Rome, the inscriptions found in the Catacomb of Priscilla are of utmost significance. The names of the martyrs and other community members are listed, along with the dates of their burials, on the inscriptions.

The Catacomb of Priscilla, which is open to the public, is a notable site for Christian pilgrimage. Tourists must descend a narrow staircase to reach the catacomb’s underground tombs. The catacomb is cool and fairly damp, so it’s important to bear in mind; visitors might wish to carry a light sweater or jacket.

In conclusion, Saint Prisca, an early Christian martyr, is honored with the name “Catacomb of Priscilla,” an underground cemetery in Rome, Italy. One of Rome’s oldest and most important catacombs, it is well-known for its preserved murals and other decorations that provide a rare insight into the art and culture of the early Christian era.

There is public accessibility, It is a significant location for Christian pilgrimage and is accessible to the general public.

Staying at the Hotel Santa Prisca Rome Italy

The Hotel Santa Prisca is a hotel located in Rome, Italy. The small, family-run hotel is well known for its convenient location, friendly staff, and charming rooms.

The hotel is located in Rome’s renowned Trastevere neighborhood close to the Tiber River. The Vatican, the Colosseum, and the Pantheon are just a few of the well-known structures and landmarks in the city that may be reached on foot. The hotel is close to the Trastevere train station, which provides rapid access to many parts of the city.

In conclusion, Rome’s famed Trastevere district is home to the modest, family-run Hotel Santa Prisca, which is situated close to the Tiber River. It is highly renowned for its favorable location, welcoming staff, and cozy accommodations. Several of the most well-known sights and attractions in the city are accessible on foot from the hotel. Other areas of the city are also easily accessible thanks to a nearby railroad station. The hotel staff is kind and accommodating, and they offer a generous breakfast buffet. It also receives excellent ratings and feedback from previous visitors.

Why it’s important to know what is St Prisca the patron saint of and St Prisca Prayer

Knowing what is St Prisca the patron saint of is important because it gives you the right saint to pray to in certain situations. If you have a friend or loved one who is prison, praying to St Prisca can definitely help.

Also, asking for St Prisca’s intercession in our daily lives through a St Prisca Prayer is also very useful.

One such prayer is the “Prayer for the Intercession of St. Prisca”:

“O St. Prisca, you who were imprisoned and martyred for your faith in Jesus Christ, I ask for your intercession and guidance as I face the struggles and challenges in my own life. Help me to remain strong in my faith and to be an example of love and courage to those around me. I ask for your protection and guidance as I strive to live a life that is pleasing to God. Amen.”

You could also do a litany…

St. Prisca,
Who was imprisoned for the faith,
Pray for us.
St. Prisca,
Who suffered torture for the faith,
Pray for us.
St. Prisca,
Who was martyred for the faith,
Pray for us.

What is St Prisca the Patron Saint of and Reflections on the Life of St Prisca 

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the life of St. Prisca and see how we can apply her example to our lives.

St Prisca was young but understood what she needed to do.

This makes me think about the call for strong families and great catechesis. 

As a homeschooling mom, I can definitely tell a difference in my kid’s spiritual lives just by simply

  1. Reading the daily Catholic readings
  2. Praying our daily Rosary
  3. Learning about our Saint of the Day

Even in a small town that we recently moved to, at a very faithful Basilica’s catechism class for teenagers, I was told how some of the kids didn’t think it was “cool” to be Catholic.

I mean… is there anything more important or exciting than learning about the faith?!

No! This is where it’s at and everyone should be so proud to be among the faithful, even to the point of dying, just like St Prisca.

She was willing to die for Christ

Even as an adult, this would be a tough decision to make but not for St Prisca. She knew that she loved Christ so much that she was willing to give up her life for her friend.

Now, her blood has been the seed of the Church that has helped it grow.

She is honored even to this day

Many people think that being famous will help their name be remembered throughout history and make them “important”.

Yet, who have we remembered the most for all these years??

The Saints and the Martyrs!

If you want to be remembered by Christ and other people….live every day with a desire to become a saint.

What is St Prisca the patron saint of gives us insight into her life and a prayer weapon for our future

Many people don’t live in a time of severe persecution like St Prisca had to endure.

But, her life should inspire you to stand firm in your faith as she did.

For many of us, just admitting that we are Christians in the secular workforce can be a challenge.

Don’t let them bully you into being quiet about your love for Jesus.

Remember what Christ said…

“but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.” –Matthew 10:33

Our Faith is Stronger because of St Prisca


Think about her life for a moment. Imagine a delicate, young woman locked up in a 2,000-year-old jail cell because she was a Christian. 

Imagine her stout resolution to not give in to her oppressors but to stand firm even to the point of death.

Would you be as brave as the young child martyr, St Prisca?

If you struggle with courage, pray to St Prisca. She will pray for you to our Lord.

Did learning about St Prisca Inspire You? 

Are you inspired by what you’ve learned today about St Prisca? We love sharing the lives of the saints. Does it make your heart ignited knowing that a young girl loved our Lord so much that she laid down her life for her friend?  

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Well, that’s all for today.

I’ll see you back tomorrow with another Saint of the Day to inspire you!



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