St Rose of Lima Prayer

Discover 15 Top Tips Why the St Rose of Lima Prayer Belongs in Every Catholic’s Devotional Arsenal

Discover 15 Top Tips Why the St Rose of Lima Prayer Belongs in Every Catholic’s Devotional Arsenal

The power and beauty of the St Rose of Lima Prayer has inspired Catholics for centuries. This special St Rose of Lima Prayer asks Saint Rose to present our petitions to God and obtain for us the grace to follow her virtuous example. Born in Lima, Peru in 1586, Rose of Lima lived a life devoted to prayer, penance and care for the sick.

By the time she passed away at just 31 years old, she had become known throughout South America for her incredible faith, dedication to Christ, and loving service to others. The St Rose of Lima Prayer recognizes that we can ask this holy virgin and blessed servant of God to pray for us from her place in heaven.

Through her intercession, we open our hearts more fully to God’s grace and the possibilities of sainthood. In this blog, I’d like to explore the meaning behind the Prayer to Saint Rose of Lima and how it can help deepen our relationship with God.

The St Rose of Lima Prayer provides a powerful way to connect with this beloved saint and follow her example of holiness. Let’s take a look at the history of this prayer and how it can transform our spiritual lives when prayed from the heart.

St Rose of Lima Prayer
St Rose of Lima Prayer

What is the St Rose of Lima Prayer?

One of the most beloved prayers to St. Rose of Lima is simply called the St Rose of Lima Prayer. This beautiful prayer recognizes Rose’s sacrificial life and asks for her powerful intercession from heaven. The words of the prayer remind us that St. Rose of Lima gave up earthly pleasures and comforts to serve God in poverty and penance.

Even as a youth, Rose committed to a life of prayer, charity and mortification. The St Rose of Lima Prayer asks St. Rose of Lima to present our petitions to God and obtain for us the grace to follow her holy example. By praying the St Rose of Lima Prayer, we are connected to the virtues and miracles of St. Rose of Lima.

The words of the St Rose of Lima Prayer are:

St. Rose of Lima, patroness of South America and the Philippines, you were the first canonized saint of the New World. Inspired by the spirituality of St. Catherine of Siena, you joined the Third Order of St. Dominic as a teenager. Though you lived in the world, you were never worldly. When your beauty attracted suitors, you disfigured yourself in order to live for Jesus alone. Help us by your prayers to have a pure and ardent love for the Lord. Present our petitions to God and obtain for us the grace of following your holy example. Amen.

This lovely St Rose of Lima Prayer recognizes Rose’s beauty, sacrifice and intercessory power. By praying it often, we too can grow closer to our Lord.

What are the most popular St Rose of Lima Prayer?

St. Rose of Lima is associated with a number of beautiful and time-honored Catholic prayers. Here are some of the most popular St Rose of Lima Prayer:

– The Novena to St. Rose of Lima – this 9-day St Rose of Lima Prayer asks for Rose’s intercession and protection with themes like chastity, charity, and family. It concludes on her feast day, August 30th.

– The Chaplet of St. Rose of Lima – this chaplet St Rose of Lima Prayer repeats her name as a litany while meditating on mysteries and virtues of her life. It can be said on a Rosary.

– Prayer for the Intercession of St. Rose of Lima – the St Rose of Lima Prayer asks Rose to present petitions to Christ to obtain His grace and mercy.

– St Rose of Lima Prayer for Purity – calling on Rose’s commitment to chastity, this St Rose of Lima Prayer asks for help in remaining pure in mind, heart and body.

– Novena to St. Rose of Lima for Children – mothers often pray this for their kids’ wellbeing and future.

– The Rosary of St. Rose of Lima – this St Rose of Lima Prayer invites us to contemplate the Gospel mysteries while asking her intercession.

– The St Rose of Lima Prayer for Healing – this calls upon her miracles and asks her to pray for healing graces.

These most popular St Rose of Lima Prayer highlight her pure life, charitable virtues and loving care for all who seek her heavenly aid through devoted prayer.

What is the St Rose of Lima Prayer?

The St Rose of Lima Prayer is a longer prayer meant to be recited while praying the complete Rosary, ideally on her feast day of August 30. This prayer invokes St. Rose of Lima’s powerful intercession for the petitioner’s needs between each decade of the Rosary. As the prayer honors St. Rose of Lima, it also guides the believer to contemplate the saving mysteries of Christ’s life as found in the Rosary.

Here are the words to the St Rose of Lima Prayer:

Heavenly Father, With joy and gladness we pray this Rosary to honor the life of St. Rose of Lima. Through her prayers, may wefollow her example in becoming more faithful and fervent in our love of you.

(The First Mystery is then announced)

We pray in between these decades:
St. Rose of Lima, glorious virgin and servant of God, pray for us that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Let us follow your example of purity, obedience, charity, patience and union with God in prayer. Present our petitions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that we may one day enjoy the Beatific Vision along with you in Heaven. Amen.

(At the end of the 5th mystery)

O God, You were pleased to choose blessed Rose to be a garden enclosed, an unsullied virgin, a pillar of penance and a mirror of virtue. Grant us the grace to imitate her true Christian prudence gained through mortification and shunning the empty pleasures of the world. Through the glorious intercession and merits of St. Rose of Lima, hear and answer our requests presented in this holy Rosary. You who live and reign, world without end. Amen.

This longer st rose of lima prayer complements the Rosary while seeking Rose’s heavenly aid.

What is the Novena St Rose of Lima Prayer?

The Novena Prayer to St. Rose of Lima is a nine-day Catholic devotion that asks for the saint’s intercessory prayers. Novenas are often prayed in preparation for the feast day of a saint, so this Novena Prayer would traditionally be prayed for nine consecutive days leading up to the feast of St. Rose of Lima on August 30.

Here is the popular St Rose of Lima Prayer:

Most gracious virgin, St. Rose of Lima, through your love of chastity and charity, you renounced all earthly things to follow Christ. Like any flower that turns toward the sun, you turned toward the Son of God. From your youth you gave yourself completely to prayer and penance. You had a tender love for the Christ Child and His suffering mother. Obtain for me the grace to love God above all things. Help me by your prayers to imitate your radiant virtue so that I may one day join you in seeing the glory of God. Amen.

Recited daily for 9 days, this novena St Rose of Lima Prayer asks St. Rose of Lima to present our petitions to Christ. We call on her example of virtue and love of God to inspire our own spiritual growth. This novena concludes on August 30, the feast of St. Rose of Lima, when she is closest and ready to intercede.

What prayers did St. Rose of Lima herself pray?

During her holy life of devotion to God, St. Rose of Lima embraced many beautiful Catholic prayers and devotions. She sought to always cultivate an attitude of prayer and drew closer to Christ through traditional prayers and those from her heart. Here are some of the specific prayers that were dear to St. Rose of Lima:

– The Holy Rosary – St. Rose had a deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and prayed the Rosary daily. The Rosary remained one of her most beloved habits.

– The Liturgy of the Hours – Rose prayed the Divine Office daily as part of her Third Order Dominican spirituality. This prayer sanctified her whole day.

– Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Rose had a strong devotion to the Sacred Heart. She is said to have prayed this daily: “O Sacred Heart of Jesus, grant me the grace of loving You in every way.”

– Act of Contrition – She often prayed this prayer expressing sorrow for sin and pleading for God’s mercy.

– Magnificat – She prayed Mary’s prayer of praise from the Gospel of Luke (1:46-55) in union with the Blessed Mother.

– Prayer before a Crucifix – Standing before a crucifix, Rose would pray: “Lord Jesus Christ, help me endure all my sufferings with patience and submission to Your Holy Will.”

– Ejaculatory Prayers – Rose prayed these short, fervent prayers constantly, such as: “Grant me, oh Jesus, fervor and recollection in prayer!”

The life of St. Rose of Lima was infused with heartfelt st rose of lima prayers like these which kept her close to God.

What is the St Rose of Lima Prayer for intercession and miracles?

St. Rose of Lima is a powerful intercessor miracle worker in Heaven, ready to pray for our needs. Here are some popular Catholic prayers asking for her heavenly intercession:

– Prayer for Healing:

O St. Rose, patroness of the sick, pray for me to be healed in body and spirit from all that afflicts me. By the power of your intercession, obtain for me health and wholeness so that I may better serve the Lord with full strength. Amen.

– Prayer for Family:

Glorious St. Rose of Lima, you were devoted to your family. Guard and protect my family. Pray for peace and unity in our home. Obtain from God any special grace my family needs, especially…(name request). Make our home a little sanctuary where we love as you loved. Amen.

– Prayer for Safe Travel:

Saint Rose, protector of travels, be my guide on this journey. Shelter me from all harm and bring me safely to my destination. In your travels on earth, you walked with God; walk now with me and protect me. Amen.

– Prayer for Finances:

Saint Rose, you knew poverty on earth. Pray for me that I may have the necessary means to live with dignity while not becoming attached to earthly riches. Pray that I may always place God first in my life, trusting He will provide for my needs. Amen.

These intercessory prayers invoke St. Rose of Lima’s heavenly assistance and miracles in special causes close to her holy example.

St Rose of Lima Prayer
St Rose of Lima Prayer

What are St Rose of Lima Prayer for purity and chastity?

St. Rose of Lima is a powerful patron for those seeking to live and pray in purity and chastity. As a Third Order Dominican, she took a vow of chastity and has inspired many to follow her example. Here are some St Rose of Lima Prayer for purity:

– Prayer for Chastity:

Dearest St. Rose, you rejected earthly love and marriage so that you could belong entirely to Jesus, your heavenly Spouse. Pray for me, that I may have the strength and courage to live in chastity all the days of my life. Intercede for me so that I may serve the Lord in purity of heart and mind. Lead me on the path of virtue that I may completely dedicate myself to Christ. Amen.

– Prayer Against Temptation:

Saint Rose, you endured temptations and triumphed over them. Pray for me to also triumph over temptations of the flesh and worldly allurements. Make my heart like yours – detached from the pleasures of this life, and attached only to the Lord. Amen.

– Prayer for Inner Purity:

Lovely Rose, so pure and fair, inspire me to keep my conscience clear. You sought always to please God alone; help me turn from sin and through me God’s love be shown. Amen.

– Prayer for True Happiness:

Saint Rose, you found joy in keeping pure for God. Guide me to turn from fleeting impure pleasures and fill my heart with grace. Let me discover true happiness comes not from the world but God’s embrace. Amen.

St. Rose of Lima’s intercession helps us on the journey toward inner and outer purity. These powerful st rose of lima prayers open our hearts to God’s mercy and strength.

What are St Rose of Lima Prayer for healing?

St. Rose of Lima is the patron saint for healing, especially healing from physical suffering, chronic illness and family troubles. Here are some of the most popular Catholic prayers to St. Rose of Lima for healing:

– Prayer for Healing of Body and Soul:

Blessed St. Rose, in your earthly life you patiently endured great sufferings and maintained faith, hope and charity. Pray for me in my present need, and intercede with God that I may be healed in body and spirit. Make me an instrument to inspire the sick and suffering, that by my patience and union with Christ, His healing grace may work through me. Amen.

– Prayer for Inner Healing:

Compassionate St. Rose, who bore many sufferings with pacience, help me to heal from sorrow. Mend the wounds of my past that cause me hurt today. Restore childlike trust to my soul; let me give my heartache over to God each day. Amen.

– Prayer for Physical Healing:

Good St. Rose, I implore you, by the suffering you endured so patiently, please intercede for me before the throne of God. Obtain for me the health I need to continue my service to the Lord with full strength. In you I place my pain and trials, trusting God will heal me. Amen.

– Prayer for Strength:

Saint Rose, pray for me, give me strength throughout each day. Though my burdens feel too heavy to bear, your hand upholds me along the way. Amen.

St. Rose understands human pain and lovingly prays for us. Through heartfelt st rose of lima prayers for healing we find hope.

What are St Rose of Lima Prayer for children and family?

St. Rose of Lima, who cared for her family while living a blessed life devoted to God, is the patroness of family. Many prayers ask St. Rose of Lima to intercede and protect children and families. Here are some favorite St Rose of Lima Prayer:

– For healthy pregnancy and childbirth:

Holy St. Rose, you were born into this world saved from harm. Protect my unborn child(ren) as you were protected. Pray for them to be born healthy through my peaceful pregnancy and delivery. Guide me as I prepare in joyful hope. Amen.

– For children’s wellbeing:

Loving St. Rose, watch over my children and guard them each day. Keep their bodies safe and their souls unstained as they journey along life’s way. Guide them to be loving Christians, like you, sweet Rose. Bless them, I pray. Amen.

– For a happy, holy family:

Gentle St. Rose, bless our home with your presence. Inspire forgiveness, joy and sacrifice so our family reflects God’s love. Shelter us under your mantle, that we remain united as one family in Christ. Amen.

– In times of family difficulty:
Dearest St. Rose, pray for us in our difficult hour. Stay beside us, hold our hands, renew our trust and faith in God’s plan. Though we cannot see the reason, we believe He leads us through this season. Help us surrender all to Christ, follow Him come what may. Amen.

These St Rose of Lima Prayer for family are powerful appeals to her kind, motherly spirit and patent protection.

How did St. Rose of Lima exemplify a life of prayer and devotion?

St. Rose of Lima lived an exemplary life of deep Catholic prayer and devotion. She spent hours in solitude with God daily through prayer and mortification. Here is how St. Rose of Lima modeled ideal prayer and devotion:

– She cultivated an interior life – St. Rose sought a heart-to-heart relationship with Christ through constant silent meditation.

– She prayed with sacrifice – She offered up corporal penance and suffering with her prayers to grow closer to Christ.

– She led an active prayer life – St. Rose prayed the Rosary, Divine Office, and other vocal prayers daily.

– She fasted and lived simply – She ate little, fasted frequently, and lived humbly to devote more time to prayer.

– She sought spiritual direction – She received guidance from clergy like her friend, St. Martin de Porres.

– She modeled charity – She spent hours serving the poor and sick as part of her prayerful devotion.

– She lived in chastity – Her vow of virginity allowed an undivided heart given completely to God in prayer.

– She practiced mortification – She was disciplined in redemptively offering up suffering through prayer.

– She cultivated holy friendships – St. Rose drew closer to God through Christian community and friendships.

– She witnessed joyfully – Her devotion prayer radiated peace and helped convert souls.

Following St. Rose of Lima’s holy example, we can grow deeper in prayerful devotion to Christ through our Catholic faith. She remains one of the most beautiful models of a prayerful saint.

How can I make a Catholic Pilgrimage to see St. Rose of Lima?

Making a pilgrimage to visit the shrine and relics of St. Rose of Lima is a beautiful way to draw closer to this beloved saint. Catholic pilgrims travel to sites around the world associated with Rose’s holy life and ministry. Here are some tips for arranging a grace-filled pilgrimage:

Plan to visit Lima, Peru where St. Rose spent her life. Tour the Basilica containing her preserved body and the Monastery of St. Rose of Lima. Walk in her footsteps seeing sites like her family home. Attend Mass and pray at the shrine for Rose’s intercession.

Research key sites related to St. Rose across South America and the Philippines. In Quito, Ecuador visit La Iglesia de Santa Mariana de Jesus to see the miraculous painting of the Virgin Mary Rose brought from Peru.

Join an organized Catholic pilgrimage or tour group. These offer spiritual guidance, handle logistics and provide fellowship with other devoted pilgrims. Look for pilgrimages coordinated for her feast day on August 30.

Prepare spiritually by reading about St. Rose’s life, praying novenas in her honor, and meditating on her virtues. Ask for her guidance throughout the pilgrimage. Bring along holy cards and your rosary.

Keep a pilgrimage journal to write down graces, insights, and experiences to cherish the memory of visiting spots connected to this holy Rose.

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Making Travel Arrangements to See St. Rose of Lima

When arranging your travel plans to visit sites related to St. Rose of Lima, here are some helpful tips:

Book accommodations near key churches and shrines associated with the saint. Reserve group lodging if visiting with a pilgrimage tour.

Secure flights or transportation from your home city to Lima, Peru, allowing enough time for the full itinerary. Factor in related side visits within Peru and other nations if desired.

Acquire any necessary travel visas/passports and immunizations well in advance of the pilgrimage travels.

Pack light with minimal luggage to allow maneuvering between pilgrimage sites. Bring any devotionals, rosaries or prayer books to use throughout your journey.

Get foreign currency and small bills to facilitate transactions for food, transportation, etc. Alert your bank if using cards internationally. Consider traveler’s insurance.

Study some basic Spanish phrases if traveling in Spanish-speaking countries. Download translation apps. Get pocket guides to the region.

With prayerful planning, your pilgrimage to step in St. Rose’s footsteps will be a blessing beyond measure.

How Can Praying the St Rose of Lima Prayer Help to Make Me a Saint?

Praying to St. Rose of Lima and asking for her heavenly intercession helps unite us more closely to God and grow in sainthood. Here are some graces we can receive through heartfelt praying of the St Rose of Lima Prayer:

As we honor St. Rose’s sacrificial love and virtue, we are inspired to imitate her charity, devotion, patience and generosity. Her saintly example spurs us to reform our own lives.

The prayer asks for St. Rose’s powerful intercession so that we may obtain from Christ the grace to follow in her holy footsteps. This grace can transform our lives.

In calling upon St. Rose and God in sincere prayer, we open our hearts more fully to God’s presence and His perfect will. This brings peace amidst life’s trials.

As we meditate on the meaning of the words, St. Rose’s virtues sink into our hearts and minds, strengthening our faith and trust in God.

St. Rose’s friendship guides us along the path of Christian discipleship. She walks closely beside us when she come to her in prayer.

With St. Rose as our heavenly sister and patron, we embrace God’s will as we journey hand-in-hand toward sainthood.


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Saint Rose of Lima
St Rose of Lima Prayer

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