St. Frances of Rome

St. Frances of Rome: 6 Fascinating Facts about Her Life as a Married Woman

St. Frances of Rome: 6 Fascinating Facts about Her Life

St. Frances of Rome inspires me because she was a wife and a mother just like me. I feel I can relate to her so much and her words speak right to my heart.

My favorite quote from her is:

 “A married woman must, when called upon, quit her devotions to God at the altar, to find him in her household affairs.”

St. Frances of Rome
St. Frances of Rome

This beautiful saint found God through her family. Her family did not “get in the way” of her persuit of holiness. They became her avenue to God. (Word of Fire)

Her words calm my heart every time I think of her quote and I’m so greatful for her life and lovely example that she left in the world.

Who is St. Frances of Rome?

Rich Italian noblewoman St. Frances of Rome (1384–1440) gave up her fortune and led a life of frugality and almsgiving. She was wed at the age of 12 to a wealthy merchant after being born into a wealthy Roman family. But once her husband passed away, she made the decision to live a life of poverty and piety. She established the Clarissan Order, also known as the Order of the Poor Ladies, a monastic community for women who practiced chastity, obedience, and poverty.


St. Frances of Rome was renowned for her unwavering fidelity to God, compassion for the underprivileged, and humanitarian deeds. She was rumored to have sold everything she owned and donated the proceeds to the less fortunate. In addition, she established a hospital for the needy and sick, where she personally provided the patients with loving care. She led a life of self-denial and austere simplicity, and many others were inspired to emulate her by her kindness and sanctity. (

St. Frances of Rome
St. Frances of Rome

The Catholic Church declared St. Frances of Rome to be a saint in 1461. She is considered as the patron saint of the city of Rome, and her feast day is observed on March 9. People all throughout the world are still motivated by her life and legacy to practice kindness, generosity, and a dedication to God.

The legacy of St. Frances of Rome is one of simplicity, humility, and kindness. All who wish to live a life of devotion to God and service to others find inspiration in her renunciation and service to the underprivileged.

St. Frances of Rome is revered as a saint of the Catholic Church whose life of chastity and devotion inspired and influenced people all over the world. (Fransiscan Media)

What is St. Frances of Rome the patron saint of?

St. Frances of Rome is the patron saint of many things. She is frequently regarded as the patron saint of the following:

Widows: St. Frances of Rome was a widow herself, and many other widows were inspired by her love of God and concern for the underprivileged following the passing of her husband.

St. Frances of Rome is revered as the patron saint of drivers because, according to a popular tale, she once prayed for protection while traveling in a perilous situation and was spared injury.

Rome: St. Frances of Rome, a Roman noblewoman, is revered as the protector saint of the capital city.

St. Frances of Rome is frequently seen as the patron saint of women drivers because of her steadfast dedication to God and her bravery in caring for the weak and ill.

The homeless: St. Frances of Rome is a well-known patron saint for the homeless due to her life of selflessness, dedication, and caring for the poor as well as her founding of a hospital for the sick and homeless.

St. Frances of Rome is the patron saint of some of these things. Her memory continues to encourage people to pursue lives of charity and fidelity to God, and people from all over the world continue to ask for her intercession for protection and direction in these areas.

What is the story of St. Frances of Rome & Guardian Angel

The mythology surrounding St. Frances of Rome and her guardian angel is well-known and emphasizes both their intimate bond and their devotion to God. St. Frances of Rome was renowned for her profound devotion to God and her charity efforts, but the myth claims that she was also very modest and did not want to draw attention to herself.

St. Frances of Rome’s guardian angel once appeared to her as she was strolling across the countryside. In order to show the people God’s strength and love, the angel instructed her to perform a miracle in front of a sizable crowd. Since she did not want to draw attention to herself, St. Frances of Rome was originally hesitant to carry out the miracle, but her guardian angel assured her that it was God’s plan.


St. Frances of Rome concurred, and the following day while she was strolling around the city, a sizable group of people gathered around her. St. Frances of Rome handed the bread to the people as a sizable basket of bread materialized out of thin air. The stunned crowd started to thank God for the miracle.


St. Frances of Rome’s relationship with her guardian angel serves as an example of her piety toward God, modesty, and faith in the angel. It also serves as a reminder that God frequently uses His servants to create miracles and show the world His strength and love. Many people still commemorate and celebrate the tale, and they ask St. Frances of Rome’s intercession and their own guardian angels’ help.

St. Frances of Rome
St. Frances of Rome

What were St. Frances of Rome Miracles?

Saint Frances of Rome, also called Saint Francesca Romana, was a mystic and spiritual authority who lived in the 14th century. She was renowned for her holiness and miracles. Among the miracles credited to her are:

A little girl in Rome who was thought to be under the influence of devils was cured of her condition after praying to St. Frances of Rome.

Sight recovery: It is believed that a blind man who sought St. Frances of Rome’s intercession was able to see again.

Protection from fire: According to legend, St. Frances of Rome saved her convent and the residents from danger when a major fire broke out in Rome, miraculously stopping at the monastery’s doors.

Saving ships from storms: It is reported that sailors who were caught in a storm at sea cried out to St. Frances of Rome for assistance, and the storm quickly died down.

The miracle of the oil is said to have occurred when St. Frances of Rome prayed to the Lord for oil for her convent. A mysterious oil is said to have then materialized, providing enough oil for the convent’s lamps to burn for a number of years.

These are but a handful of the wonders attributed to St. Frances of Rome. She is revered for her piety, commitment to the underprivileged, and love of God, and many people still seek out her intercession today.

St. Frances of Rome
St. Frances of Rome

Best St. Frances of Rome Quotes

I absolutely love quotes of the saints. They inspire me so much and help me in my journey to sanctity and holiness for our Lord, Jesus.

Here are some famous quotes from to St. Frances of Rome:

  1. “A married woman must, when called upon, quit her devotions to God at the altar, to find him in her household affairs.”
  2. “Prayer is the key to heaven, but fasting unlocks the door.”
  3. “Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance.”
  4. “Charity is the bridge that leads to God, and humility is the ladder by which we ascend to him.”
  5. “True poverty is not the lack of earthly goods, but the ignorance of the knowledge of God.”
  6. “Let us not be content with just being called Christians, let us be Christians indeed.”
  7. “Be at peace with everyone, and make peace with everyone you can.”
  8. “The Lord is my strength, my shield, and my stronghold. In him will I trust.”
  9. “The person who lives in contemplation is like a bird who sings while it works.”

Through her intense commitment to God and her life of prayer and reflection, St. Frances of Rome attained the spiritual wisdom and insight that are reflected in these quotations. For individuals attempting to lead a life of faith and virtue, they provide direction and motivation.

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st. frances of rome catholic shirt
st. frances of rome catholic shirt

Where are St. Frances of Rome’s Relics

Want to make a pilgrimage to see St. Frances of Rome? I love traveling and traveling to see the saints is even better! If you’ve ever been on a pilgrimage, you know what I mean.

The Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina in Rome, Italy, is thought to be the location of St. Frances of Rome’s final resting place.  Her relics are revered by the Roman Catholic Church and have long been a significant destination for pilgrims. (Saints In Rome)

The Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina in Rome also houses a number of additional holy relics in addition to those of St. Frances of Rome. Other saints with relics housed at the church include the following:

  1. Roman noblewoman and martyr St. Susanna flourished in the third century. Tradition holds that her remains were kept at Santa Maria in Traspontina.
  2. Roman virgin and martyr Saint Agnes lived in the fourth century. Some of her relics are thought to be preserved at Santa Maria in Traspontina, and her relics are highly revered across the Roman Catholic Church.
  3. St. Clare of Assisi was an Italian saint and one of St. Frances of Assisi’s earliest adherents. Her commitment to frugality and her support of the Franciscan Order are what people remember her for. At Santa Maria in Traspontina, some of her artifacts might be discovered.

Incredible! We even named our dog after St. Clare of Assisi. This would be a trip of a lifetime, not to mention going to St. Peter’s Basilica, seeing the Sistene Chapel, traveling around eating spagetti and drinking Italian coffee all while exploring the ancient sites of Rome.

You can’t see it all in one day! Rome is a place you must visit once and then many times again after that.

I’ve put together a fun agenda for you HERE. Just click on the picture below to check it out and save this page to come back to so you have the information handy.

St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter’s Basilica

Are You Inspired?

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Well, that’s all for today.

I’ll see you back tomorrow with another Saint of the Day to inspire you!

God bless you,


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