st. angela merici

7 Extraordinary Facts about St. Angela Merici

How St. Angela Merici Changed the World

St. Angela Merici was a trailblazer for young girls. At a time when it was not common for girls to attend school, St. Angela Merici created a school for girls that is still going strong to this day.

She has changed thousands of lives and this is her story..

The Life of St Angela Merici 

St. Angela Merici was an Italian religious leader who founded the Ursuline Order, a religious order of nuns. She was born in 1474 in Desenzano del Garda, a small town in northern Italy. She was the oldest of six children, and her parents died when she was a teenager. Her uncle, a priest, raised her, and she was deeply religious from a young age.

When Angela was 18 years old, she had a vision of St. Ursula, a Christian martyr, which inspired her to devote her life to serving God. She moved to nearby Brescia and lived a life of poverty and devotion, spending her days caring for the sick and the poor. She also began to gather a group of young women around her in order to teach them about the Catholic faith and assist them in living virtuous lives.

In 1535, Angela founded the Ursuline Order, a religious order of nuns dedicated to the education of young women. The order was officially recognized by the Catholic Church in 1544, and it quickly spread throughout Italy and beyond. Until her death in 1540, Angela was the Ursuline Order’s first Superior General.

Angela was known for her deep faith, devotion to God, and compassion for others throughout her life. She was a staunch supporter of young women’s education, and her order played an important role in the advancement of women’s education in Italy. The Catholic Church declared her a saint in 1807. Her feast day is January 27th, and she is known as the patron saint of education for girls.

st. angela merici
st. angela merici

St. Angela Merici founded the Ursuline Order, a religious order of nuns, in the 16th century. The order is dedicated to the spiritual development and education of young women. Ursuline nuns, also known as Ursulines, are religious women who follow St. Augustine’s Rule and take vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience.

The Ursuline Order was officially recognized by the Catholic Church in 1544, and it quickly spread throughout Italy and beyond. Ursulines were among the first female religious orders to establish schools and convents in cities across Europe and, later, North America. Ursulines also perform charitable work such as teaching, nursing, and assisting the poor and needy.

The Ursuline Order has played a significant role in the history of women’s education, and many of its members have received societal recognition. The order is still active today, with Ursuline communities in many countries around the world. Ursulines are well-known for their commitment to education, social justice, and spiritual growth for all people.

What miracles did St Angela perform?

St. Angela Merici did not perform any miracles during her lifetime. , The Catholic Church canonized her as a saint in 1807 based on her exemplary holiness and devotion to God rather than any miraculous acts. During the process of her beatification and canonization, the Catholic Church thoroughly examined her life and writings. They also examined the testimony of those who knew her. Her holiness is said to have been manifested in her deep faith, compassion for others, and commitment to serving God and helping those in need.

Her devotion and teachings are said to have resulted in many spiritual conversions, and her followers looked up to her as a model of a holy life. After her death, some people have reported miraculous healings or other unexplained events that they attribute to her intercession. The Catholic Church, however, does not officially recognize these as miracles and instead regards them as private revelations.


St Angela Merici Quotes

I love quotes of the saints. They are so inspiring. That’s why I’ve created an Angela Merici shirt with a cool quote from her so you can be inspired and inspire the world everywhere you go.

  • “Love is the only thing that can fill the human heart.”
  • “Be assured that if you follow Christ, He will lead you by the hand and guide you in the way you should go.”
  • “It is not enough to love God, we must also serve Him.”
  • “The more one advances in the spiritual life, the more one understands that every perfection is rooted in humility.”
  • “A faithful servant of God is one who is always ready to do the will of God, no matter what it may be.”
  • “Be patient with yourself, and be patient with others. Remember that we are all on a journey, and we are all learning and growing.”
  • “We must always strive to do good and to help others, for in doing so, we are serving God.”
  • “The love of God is like a fire that burns within us, and it is through this fire that we are able to love others.”
  • “The greatest gift we can give to others is love, for love is the greatest gift we can receive from God.”
  • “The love of God is the source of all true happiness and joy.”
st. angela merici
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What is Angela Merici the patron saint of?

St. Angela Merici is the patron saint of the Ursuline Sisters and the Italian city of Brescia.

The Ursuline Sisters, who are dedicated to the education of young women, consider St. Angela Merici, the founder of the Ursuline Order, to be their spiritual mother. Her order had a significant impact on the history of women’s education, and many Ursuline schools, colleges, and universities bear her name.

St. Angela Merici is also a patroness of the blind, the sick, the bereaved, and the physically and mentally handicapped.

St. Angela Merici is also considered the patron saint of Brescia, Italy, where she lived and worked for the last years of her life. In Brescia, her order established a school and a convent, and her tomb is in the Santa Maria della Neve church, which is now a shrine dedicated to her.

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st. angela merici relics
st. angela merici relics

St Angela Merici Prayer

Here is a traditional prayer to St. Angela Merici:

“O Saint Angela Merici, who by your deep faith and your love for God became a shining example of holiness and devotion, intercede for us before the Lord.

Obtain for us the grace to imitate your virtues, especially your humility and your love for the poor, so that we may come to share in the joy of eternal life.

Help us to see Christ in all those around us, and to follow His teachings in our daily lives.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

This prayer is usually recited by those who have a special devotion to St. Angela Merici, and it can be recited as a way of asking for her intercession, guidance, and inspiration.

It’s important to remember that, the power of the prayer comes from the faith of the one who prays and not from the words itself.

St Angela Merici Festival

The feast day of St. Angela Merici is observed on January 27th, the anniversary of her death. The Ursuline Sisters, whom she founded, and other religious communities with a special devotion to her often hold special prayers, masses, and devotions in her honor on this day.

Her feast day is observed with a solemn mass in the church of Santa Maria della Neve, which is now a shrine dedicated to her in Brescia, Italy, where she lived and worked during her final years. Furthermore, St. Angela Merici is regarded as the patron saint of Brescia, and her feast day is marked with a special ceremony.

Aside from the feast day itself, Ursuline schools and other institutions affiliated with her order frequently commemorate her feast day with special events such as conferences, lectures, and exhibitions centered on her life and teachings.

In some places, St. Angela Merici’s feast day is also observed as a local holiday, with processions and other public celebrations in her honor.

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