Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin

6 Intriguing Facts about Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin

Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin

Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin shows us how the most common of girls with difficult upbringings can willingly offer their life up to God and become a saint.

Not only that, many of the nuns that she lived alongside with were present to see her become a saint in the 1960’s!

She grew up in an abusive home, didn’t have any special talents to speak of, but God used her in remarkable ways just like He can use you if you let Him.

Today we learn about Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin and this is her story….

Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin
Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin

Who is Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin?

Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin was born on October 6, 1888, in Brendola, a small village in northern Italy. She was the eldest of four children born to a poor farming family. Her parents were devout Catholics who instilled in her a strong faith and a deep love for God. From a young age, Maria felt a calling to religious life, but her family’s financial situation made it difficult for her to pursue her dream.

Despite the challenges, Maria remained steadfast in her faith and eventually entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Dorothy, a religious order founded in 1834 to care for the sick and the poor. Maria was not initially accepted into the convent due to her poor health and lack of education. However, she persevered and was eventually admitted.

As a nun, Maria took the name “Bertilla” and began her work caring for the sick and the poor. Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin was known for being gentle and compassionate. She was always willing to go above and beyond in her service to others. She worked in various hospitals and care homes, always putting the needs of others before her own.

 Why did Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin take on the name “Bertilla”?

Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin’s choice of name was not just a mere selection of letters. Rather, it was a representation of her inner strength and luminous spirit.

As she struggled with her health, Maria’s fellow sisters were deeply concerned about her. But amidst their worries, the Mother Superior had an idea. She suggested the name “Bertilla” to Maria, meaning “bright, strong, and illustrious.” This name held the hope that these qualities would be instilled within Maria as she began her journey as a nun.

Maria felt an instant connection to this name, knowing that it would remind her to be strong and resolute in her service to others and to her faith. Throughout her life, she truly embodied these qualities, showing incredible courage and compassion in her work as a nurse and caregiver.

Her name became a beacon of inspiration, serving as a constant reminder of her purpose and calling. And to this day, we remember Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin not only for her profound legacy of service but also for the strength and conviction represented by her name.

Why did Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin become a saint?

Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin became a saint because of her exceptional dedication to serving others and her unwavering faith in God. Despite the challenges she faced, including poor health and a lack of education, Maria never lost sight of her calling to serve the sick and the poor. Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin lived a life of selfless service. She always putting the needs of others before her own.

Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin
Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin

One of the most notable examples of Maria’s dedication to service occurred during World War I. Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin was working as a nurse at a military hospital when all of a sudden she was caught in the middle of a bombing raid. Instead of seeking shelter for herself, Maria went from room to room, comforting the wounded and dying soldiers. Her bravery and selflessness in the face of danger earned her widespread recognition and admiration.

Maria’s life was one of extraordinary service, and she continues to inspire others to this day. Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin was canonized in 1961 by Pope John XXIII. Her story will continue to be told throughout the years.

Quotes by Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin

Although Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin lived a humble life, her words and actions continue to inspire people around the world. Here are a few of her most notable quotes:

  1. “We should never allow ourselves to be disturbed by things that are transitory and not eternal.”
  2. “It is not the work that we do that makes us saints, but the way in which we do it.”
  3. “In whatever state we are, let us strive to remain in the hands of God.”
  4. “The greatest consolation in life is to be able to serve others.”

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Where is Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin buried?

After her death in 1922, Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin was buried in the chapel of the motherhouse of her religious order, the Sisters of Saint Dorothy, in Vicenza, Italy. Many people take pilgrimages to her tomb and now people from all over the world came to pay their respects and ask for her intercession.

In 1952, her body was exhumed and found to be incorrupt – a sign of her holiness. Her remains were placed in a crystal casket and moved to the chapel of the generalate of her religious order, where they remain to this day.

saint maria bertilla boscardin
Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin

I absolutely love traveling and getting to take a pilgrimage while you travel is even better!

If you’re thinking of taking a pilgrimag to see Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin, this is how you could prepare for it.

Preparing for a pilgrimage to see Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin in Vicenza, Italy can be a special and meaningful experience. To begin, take some time to reflect on the significance of the journey and what you hope to gain from it. Consider reaching out to a spiritual advisor or friend to discuss your intentions and deepen your understanding of Saint Maria Bertilla’s life and legacy.

Next, research the logistics of traveling to Vicenza, including transportation, accommodations, and nearby attractions. It’s also a good idea to learn about the customs and etiquette of the area and any cultural or religious practices that may be observed during your visit.

Most importantly, prepare your heart and mind to receive the blessings and inspiration of Saint Maria Bertilla’s life and legacy. As you embark on your pilgrimage, remember to stay present, open, and receptive to the divine guidance and grace that may come your way. May your journey be filled with love, hope, and spiritual renewal!

I found a fun tour that you can take to compliment your pilgrimage and see more that Vicenza, Italy has to over. Just click HERE for more details or click on the picture below.

Vicenza, Italy
Vicenza, Italy

Prayer to Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin

If you are facing a difficult situation or in need of intercession, you may find comfort in praying to Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin. Here is a prayer that you can use:

“Dear Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin, you lived a life of selfless service to others, always putting their needs before your own. Help us to follow your example and to be a source of comfort and compassion to those around us.

You showed great courage in the face of danger and never wavered in your faith in God. Please intercede for us, especially in times of difficulty and uncertainty.

We ask for your guidance and support as we strive to live our lives in accordance with God’s will. May we always be mindful of the needs of others and seek to serve them with a kind and loving heart.

Thank you for your example of holiness and dedication to others. We ask for your continued prayers and intercession, now and always. Amen.”

In conclusion, Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin was a remarkable woman who lived a life of extraordinary service to others. Her dedication and selflessness continue to inspire people around the world, and her canonization is a testament to her holiness and faith.

Although Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin faced many challenges in her life, she never  waivered in her commitment to serve the Lord by serving others. We can all learn so much from her example and strive to follow in her footsteps. She showed us an excellent example of how to live a life of servitude to others in accordance with God’s will.

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