Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti

Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti: Embrace the Divine Healing with 15 Facts of this Life-Changing Saint

Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti: Embrace the Divine Healing with 15 Facts of this Life-Changing Saint

The Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti has been used by the faithful for decades. The Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti is an inspiration on a gentle journey of faith. In a world often bustling with noise and distractions, we find solace in the quiet whispers of prayer, and today, we turn our hearts to the radiant soul of this beloved saint.

Saint Maria Goretti, a young martyr and beacon of virtue, continues to captivate us with her extraordinary story of forgiveness, purity, and unwavering faith. Her life, though tragically brief, leaves an indelible mark on our collective conscience, reminding us of the transformative power found in the depths of love and devotion.

In this sacred exploration, we will uncover the beauty and significance of the prayer of Saint Maria Goretti. We will venture into the realms of forgiveness, seeking her intercession and the healing balm it brings to our wounded hearts. We will bask in the radiance of purity, reflecting on her unwavering commitment to virtue and the profound call it places upon our own lives. And we will embrace the whispers of grace that accompany her prayer, allowing it to guide us on our personal journeys towards divine communion.

Through the prayer of Saint Maria Goretti, we are invited to find solace and strength, to draw closer to the divine, and to discover the extraordinary power residing within our own hearts. It is a prayer that transcends time and space, connecting us with the luminous presence of a young girl whose life radiated with unwavering faith and profound love for God.

So, dear reader, let us embark on this tender pilgrimage together, allowing the prayer of Saint Maria Goretti to touch our souls, to ignite our spirits, and to awaken within us the yearning for a deeper communion with the divine. In her intercession, we find a gentle guide and a loving friend, ready to accompany us on this sacred journey of faith.

May the prayer of Saint Maria Goretti be the gentle breeze that whispers grace into our lives, illuminating our paths and nurturing our spirits. Open your heart, for in these sacred words, we encounter a profound invitation to embrace forgiveness, to embody purity, and to cultivate a profound union with the divine.

Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti
Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti

What is the Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti?

The Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti is a heartfelt invocation, resonating with the purity and strength exemplified by this beloved saint. It serves as an embodiment of her unwavering devotion, unwavering faith, and her remarkable ability to forgive, even in the face of unimaginable adversity. Through the Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti, we are invited to seek her intercession and draw inspiration from her virtuous life.

The Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti goes like this:

“O God, author of innocence and lover of chastity, who bestowed the grace of martyrdom on your handmaid, the Virgin Saint Maria Goretti, in her youth, grant, we pray, through her intercession, that, as you gave her a crown for her steadfastness, so we, too, may be firm in obeying your commandments.”

Who was the Saint that Died at 14?

The story of Saint Maria Goretti is a tale of extraordinary faith and resilience that continues to captivate hearts around the world. Born on October 16, 1890, in Corinaldo, Italy, Maria was raised in a humble and devout Catholic family. At the tender age of 11, tragedy struck when she was assaulted by a neighbor named Alessandro Serenelli.

Despite the heinous act committed against her, Maria refused to yield to hatred and vengeance. Her deep faith in God guided her to choose forgiveness instead. Even as she lay on her deathbed, she expressed her willingness to pray for her assailant’s repentance and eventual redemption. Her incredible act of forgiveness and unwavering commitment to her faith became a beacon of hope for countless souls worldwide.

On July 6, 1902, at the age of 11, Maria Goretti succumbed to her injuries. Her untimely death bore witness to the strength of her spirit and the purity of her heart. In 1950, Pope Pius XII canonized her as a saint, making her the youngest non-martyr to ever be canonized in the history of the Catholic Church.

Throughout her short life, Saint Maria Goretti inspired others with her extraordinary faith and her deep love for God. She teaches us that no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, forgiveness, purity, and unwavering faith can guide us towards divine grace and eternal love.

As we delve into the Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti, let us remember her as a testament to the power of forgiveness and the boundless strength found in unwavering faith. In her presence, we discover a remarkable source of inspiration and solace, encouraging us to face life’s challenges with grace, love, and unwavering devotion.

May the Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti serve as a guiding light, reminding us of the power of forgiveness, the beauty of purity, and the strength that can be found in our unwavering faith. Let us embrace her intercession and allow her virtuous life to shape our own, as we walk our individual paths towards eternal grace and redemption.

What are three interesting facts about Saint Maria Goretti?

In the tapestry of saints, some shine with a particular radiance, captivating our hearts and souls with their remarkable stories. Today, we embark on a journey of discovery as we unravel three intriguing facts about the beloved Saint Maria Goretti, a beacon of purity and forgiveness whose life continues to inspire millions around the world. Join us as we delve into the captivating details of this extraordinary saint’s life and the miracles attributed to her intercession.

  1. Her Unwavering Commitment to Chastity: One of the most remarkable aspects of Saint Maria Goretti’s life is her unwavering commitment to chastity. At the tender age of 11, she made a solemn vow to God to preserve her purity. Despite the heinous assault she endured, Maria remained steadfast in her commitment, refusing to succumb to her attacker’s advances. Her deep love for God and unwavering dedication to her faith allowed her to triumph over evil, becoming a symbol of purity and chastity for generations to come.
  2. The Power of Forgiveness: Saint Maria Goretti’s incredible act of forgiveness continues to touch the hearts of millions. Even as she lay on her deathbed, Maria forgave her assailant, Alessandro Serenelli, and expressed her desire to pray for his conversion. This act of mercy and compassion serves as a powerful reminder that forgiveness has the ability to heal even the deepest wounds. It is a testament to the strength of her character and her unwavering faith in God’s infinite love and mercy.
  3. The Miraculous Transformation of Alessandro Serenelli: Following his brutal attack on Maria Goretti, Alessandro Serenelli was imprisoned for his crime. During his incarceration, he experienced a profound conversion that can only be described as miraculous. Through the intercession of Saint Maria Goretti, Alessandro repented for his sins and found redemption in the arms of God’s love. Following his release from prison, he sought forgiveness from Maria’s mother, Assunta, who, inspired by her daughter’s example, forgave him. This extraordinary transformation and reconciliation stand as a testament to the power of Saint Maria Goretti’s intercession and the limitless potential for redemption in the human heart.

What miracles did St. Maria Goretti perform?

As for miracles attributed to Saint Maria Goretti, her intercession has been associated with numerous healings, conversions, and spiritual graces. Many devotees have reported experiencing profound transformations in their lives through her powerful prayers. These miracles serve as tangible reminders of her enduring presence and intercessory power, drawing countless souls closer to God’s infinite mercy and love.

The life of Saint Maria Goretti shines brightly as an example of virtue, forgiveness, and unwavering faith. Her unwavering commitment to purity, her remarkable act of forgiveness, and the miracles attributed to her intercession continue to inspire and uplift millions around the world. Let us embrace her as a friend and intercessor, seeking her guidance and powerful prayers as we navigate our own journeys toward holiness and grace. May the Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti serve as a beacon of hope, guiding us toward a life filled with purity, forgiveness, and unyielding faith in God’s abundant love.

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What are Inspiring Quotes of Maria Goretti?

  1. “Pain is no longer pain when it is offered to God.” These powerful words encapsulate Maria Goretti’s incredible capacity for embracing suffering and transforming it into an offering to God. Despite enduring unimaginable pain, she found solace and purpose by uniting her sufferings with those of Jesus on the cross. This quote serves as a reminder that when we surrender our pains and hardships to God, they can become a source of grace and a pathway to holiness.
  2. “I forgive Alessandro Serenelli, and I want him with me in heaven forever.” This profound quote reflects the extraordinary act of forgiveness that Saint Maria Goretti exemplified in her short life. Even as she lay on her deathbed, she extended forgiveness to her attacker, expressing her desire for his eternal salvation. Her words remind us of the transformative power of forgiveness and the immense capacity of the human heart to show mercy, even in the face of great adversity.
  3. “Jesus and His Mother Mary are more beautiful than anything else in the world.” These simple yet profound words highlight Maria Goretti’s deep love and devotion to Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. For her, their beauty surpassed anything the world could offer. This quote invites us to reflect on our own priorities and to recognize the incomparable beauty and love found in our relationship with God and His Mother.

In these timeless quotes, we find glimpses into the heart and soul of Saint Maria Goretti. Her words continue to inspire us to live lives of faith, forgiveness, and devotion to God and others. As we turn to the Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti, let us allow her words to guide our own prayers and reflections, leading us closer to the divine and transforming our hearts in the process.

What is Saint Maria Goretti the Patron Saint of?

In the vast realm of Catholic saints, each holds a unique and sacred patronage, offering guidance and intercession for various aspects of life. Today, we uncover the patronage of the beloved Saint Maria Goretti, a luminous soul whose virtuous life serves as a beacon of innocence and purity.

Saint Maria Goretti is widely recognized as the patron saint of purity, chastity, and the youth. Her steadfast commitment to preserving her purity, even in the face of grave danger, serves as an inspiration to young people navigating the challenges of a world that often seeks to diminish the importance of chastity and moral integrity.

Additionally, Saint Maria Goretti is invoked as the patron saint of rape victims and those who have suffered sexual assault. Her own personal experience of assault and her extraordinary act of forgiveness offer solace and hope to those who have endured similar traumas, guiding them towards healing, forgiveness, and restoration.

Moreover, Saint Maria Goretti’s intercession is sought by families and parents who long to raise their children in an environment that upholds the values of purity, virtue, and strong moral character. Her example encourages parents to instill in their children the importance of faith, love, and the pursuit of holiness.

As we turn to Saint Maria Goretti for her intercession, let us seek her guidance in our own quest for purity, chastity, and innocence of heart. May her patronage remind us of the beauty and sacredness of these virtues, inspiring us to lead lives that reflect the divine light within us. Let us embrace her as a loving advocate and turn to her in prayer, confident in her powerful intercession before our Heavenly Father.

What Flower is St. Maria Goretti Holding?

In depictions of Saint Maria Goretti, she is often portrayed holding a lily, specifically a white lily. The white lily is a powerful symbol of purity, innocence, and virtue, making it a fitting choice to represent this remarkable saint. Just as the lily stands tall and unblemished amidst the world’s impurities, so did Maria Goretti’s soul radiate with purity and untarnished beauty.

The white lily also carries spiritual connotations, as it has been associated with the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus. As an emblem of purity, the lily represents the immaculate nature of Mary and her role as the Mother of God. By holding a lily, Saint Maria Goretti is not only embracing her own purity but also acknowledging her connection to Mary and the grace that flows from her maternal intercession.

What Does Maria Goretti Symbolize?

Saint Maria Goretti, with her profound life story and unwavering faith, symbolizes various virtues and aspects of the Christian journey. Here are some key symbols associated with Maria Goretti:

  1. Purity and Chastity: Maria Goretti’s commitment to preserving her purity, even in the face of great adversity, symbolizes the beauty and sanctity of chastity. She serves as a role model for young people striving to live virtuous lives in a world that often promotes the opposite.
  2. Forgiveness and Mercy: Maria Goretti’s remarkable act of forgiveness towards her assailant, even on her deathbed, exemplifies the power of forgiveness and mercy. She symbolizes the transformative nature of forgiveness, inviting us to let go of resentment and embrace the healing power of mercy.
  3. Innocence and Virtue: Maria Goretti’s innocence, both in her life and in her martyrdom, symbolizes the preciousness of innocence and the call to protect and nurture the innocence found in every human heart. Her story reminds us of the importance of cultivating virtuous lives, rooted in love, compassion, and moral integrity.
  4. Heavenly Intercession: Saint Maria Goretti symbolizes the role of a heavenly intercessor. Through her life and martyrdom, she offers a powerful example of holiness and an avenue for spiritual guidance and intercession. Devotees turn to her, seeking her prayers and aid in their own spiritual journey.

As we reflect on the flower held by Saint Maria Goretti and the symbolism it carries, let us allow her virtuous life to inspire and guide us. May her story, represented by the purity of the white lily, encourage us to embrace the virtues she embodied and to seek her intercession in our pursuit of holiness. Through the prayer of Saint Maria Goretti, may we be reminded of the eternal beauty and grace that can blossom within our own souls.

What Did Maria Goretti Teach Us?

  1. The Power of Forgiveness:  Maria Goretti’s extraordinary act of forgiveness shines as a powerful lesson for all. Despite enduring unimaginable pain and suffering, she chose to forgive her assailant, Alessandro Serenelli. Her example teaches us that forgiveness has the power to heal and transform, freeing both the forgiver and the forgiven from the chains of resentment and hatred.
  2. The Beauty of Purity: Maria Goretti’s unwavering commitment to purity reminds us of the preciousness of this virtue. In a world that often devalues chastity, her life serves as a shining example of the beauty and strength found in preserving one’s purity, both in thought and action. She inspires us to uphold moral integrity, safeguarding the innocence of our hearts and bodies.
  3. Unyielding Faith and Trust in God: Maria Goretti’s deep faith and trust in God sustained her throughout her short but impactful life. In the face of immense challenges, she turned to God for strength, guidance, and consolation. Her unwavering belief in His love and providence teaches us the importance of placing our trust in God’s hands, even in the most difficult circumstances.

How Can I Go on a Pilgrimage to See St. Maria Goretti?

Visiting the holy places associated with Saint Maria Goretti can be a transformative pilgrimage, allowing us to connect with her life and seek her intercession in a more tangible way. Here are a few steps to embark on such a pilgrimage:

  1. Research and Plan: Start by researching the locations associated with Saint Maria Goretti. The main pilgrimage site is the Shrine of Saint Maria Goretti in Nettuno, Italy, where her relics are enshrined. Learn about the history and significance of the shrine and any specific events or celebrations that may take place throughout the year.
  2. Make Travel Arrangements: Once you have gathered the necessary information, make travel arrangements to reach Nettuno. Consider transportation options, accommodation, and any specific requirements or guidelines related to the pilgrimage site. It may be helpful to consult with a travel agent or use reputable online resources to ensure a smooth journey.
  3. Prepare Spiritually: Before embarking on the pilgrimage, take time to prepare yourself spiritually. Familiarize yourself with the life and teachings of Saint Maria Goretti, and reflect on the lessons she imparted. Engage in prayer and seek spiritual guidance to deepen your connection with her and open your heart to her intercession.
  4. Visit the Shrine: Upon arrival at the Shrine of Saint Maria Goretti, take your time to immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere. Attend Mass, participate in devotions, and spend moments of quiet reflection and prayer. Approach the relics of Saint Maria Goretti with reverence and seek her intercession for your intentions, offering your own prayers and intentions at her shrine.
  5. Take Away the Blessings: As you conclude your pilgrimage, carry the blessings and lessons of Saint Maria Goretti in your heart. Reflect on the experiences and insights gained during your visit and allow them to inspire and guide you in your daily life. Share your experiences with others, spreading the message of Saint Maria Goretti’s life and teachings.

Embarking on a pilgrimage to see Saint Maria Goretti can be a profound and transformative journey. May it deepen your connection with this beloved saint, enrich your spiritual life, and inspire you to live a life of forgiveness, purity, and unwavering faith. Through the prayer of Saint Maria Goretti, may you find strength, solace, and guidance in your own spiritual journey.

Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti
Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti CC

A Tapestry of Saints: Discovering Other Saints in Italy

Italy, known as the spiritual heartland of the Catholic Church, is adorned with the presence of numerous saints whose lives continue to inspire and guide believers worldwide. Today, we embark on a journey to uncover some of the other saints who have left their mark in this beautiful country. Join us as we explore the tapestry of saints that grace the Italian soil.

  1. Saint Francis of Assisi: One of the most beloved saints, Saint Francis of Assisi, hailed from Italy. Born in Assisi in 1181 or 1182, he is renowned for his deep love for God, nature, and humanity. Saint Francis is the patron saint of animals, ecology, and Italy itself. His life of simplicity, poverty, and devotion continues to inspire countless individuals seeking a closer relationship with God and a compassionate approach to the world around them.
  2. Saint Catherine of Siena: Another prominent saint from Italy is Saint Catherine of Siena, a mystic, theologian, and advocate for peace and reform during the 14th century. Her deep contemplative life and tireless efforts to bring unity and healing to the Church made her one of the most influential women of her time. Saint Catherine of Siena is the patroness of Italy, Europe, nurses, and fire prevention. Her unwavering faith and dedication to service inspire us to strive for holiness and pursue the path of love and compassion.
  3. Saint Padre Pio: Saint Padre Pio, born Francesco Forgione, is a more recent Italian saint who lived in the 20th century. He is widely known for his stigmata, the wounds of Christ that he bore on his hands, feet, and side. Padre Pio dedicated his life to prayer, spiritual guidance, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He is the patron saint of civil defense volunteers, adolescents, and stress relief. His remarkable life and the miracles attributed to his intercession draw pilgrims from all over the world to the Sanctuary of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy.

Making Travel Arrangements to See St. Maria Goretti

If you’re planning to embark on a pilgrimage to see Saint Maria Goretti, taking the time to make thoughtful travel arrangements can enhance your experience. Here are some steps to consider:

Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti
Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti (Goretti Home) CC
  1. Research the Shrine of Saint Maria Goretti: Begin by researching the Shrine of Saint Maria Goretti in Nettuno, Italy. Learn about its location, visiting hours, and any specific events or ceremonies that may take place. Familiarize yourself with the history and significance of the shrine, allowing you to approach your pilgrimage with a deeper understanding.
  2. Choose the Best Time to Visit: Consider the time of year that best suits your pilgrimage. Take into account factors such as weather, crowd levels, and any significant dates or feast days associated with Saint Maria Goretti. Planning your visit during a time that allows for a more intimate and reflective experience can enhance your connection with her life and teachings.
  3. Arrange Accommodations and Transportation: Make arrangements for accommodations and transportation to Nettuno. Consider nearby hotels, guesthouses, or other lodging options that suit your preferences and budget. Research transportation options, such as flights, trains, or car rentals, to ensure a smooth journey to the pilgrimage site.
  4. Prepare Spiritually: Prepare yourself spiritually for the pilgrimage. Familiarize yourself with the life, virtues, and teachings of Saint Maria Goretti. Engage in prayer, reflection, and seeking spiritual guidance to deepen your connection with her and open your heart to her intercession.
  5. Embrace the Pilgrimage Experience: As you embark on your journey to see Saint Maria Goretti, approach the pilgrimage with an open heart and mind. Immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere of the shrine, attend Mass, participate in devotions, and spend moments of quiet reflection and prayer. Seek her intercession for your intentions and allow the pilgrimage to deepen your faith and spiritual growth.

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Embarking on a pilgrimage to see Saint Maria Goretti and exploring the other saints in Italy can be a transformative experience. May your pilgrimage deepen your connection with these holy men and women, inspire your faith, and guide you on the path of virtue and holiness. Through the prayer of Saint Maria Goretti, may you find solace, strength, and guidance as you journey through the sacred landscapes of Italy.

What is the Prayer to St. Maria Goretti for Forgiveness?

In our journey through life, we all encounter moments when seeking forgiveness becomes a profound necessity. Today, we explore the prayer to St. Maria Goretti, a patroness of forgiveness, offering solace and intercession for those seeking pardon and reconciliation. Join us as we delve into this heartfelt prayer that guides us toward the healing power of forgiveness.

O merciful St. Maria Goretti, you who embodied the virtue of forgiveness in your own life, I humbly come before you, burdened by the weight of my own transgressions. I seek your intercession and guidance in this moment of deep remorse, as I yearn to be reconciled with those I have wronged.

Saint Maria Goretti, you who forgave your assailant from the depths of your pure heart, teach me to let go of anger, resentment, and the desire for vengeance. Help me cultivate a spirit of forgiveness, as I recognize the transformative power it holds for both the forgiver and the forgiven.

I implore you, dear saint, to present my contrite heart and sincere plea for forgiveness before the throne of God. Ask Him to grant me the grace to seek reconciliation, to heal the wounds I have caused, and to mend the relationships strained by my actions.

St. Maria Goretti, pure and courageous martyr, pray for me. Intercede on my behalf, that I may find the strength to acknowledge my faults, make amends, and strive to walk the path of righteousness. May your example of forgiveness inspire me to extend mercy to others, as I embrace the transformative power of divine love.


What is the Catholic prayer before going on a date?

In the beautiful journey of courtship and romantic relationships, seeking guidance and blessings from above is a cherished tradition. Today, we explore a Catholic prayer that can be recited before going on a date, invoking the presence and intercession of God to guide the hearts and intentions of those embarking on this special time of connection.

Heavenly Father, as I prepare to embark on this date, I come before You, seeking Your divine guidance and blessings. Grant me the wisdom to discern the true nature of this relationship and the courage to honor Your will in all my interactions.

May Your Spirit be present within me, guiding my thoughts, words, and actions, so that I may demonstrate kindness, respect, and genuine interest in the person I am about to meet. Help me to be attentive, compassionate, and open-hearted, creating an environment where authentic connection and understanding can flourish.

Lord, I ask for Your protection and guidance, that You may shield me from any harm or temptation that may arise. Grant me the strength to uphold my values, honor the dignity of the person before me, and foster a relationship that brings joy, growth, and mutual support.

Bless this date, O Lord, with Your loving presence. May it be filled with laughter, genuine conversation, and shared moments of grace. May it be an opportunity to grow closer to You and discover the beauty and potential within this connection.

I entrust this date to Your care, O Heavenly Father, knowing that You hold my heart and the heart of my companion in Your loving hands. Guide us, bless us, and grant us the clarity to discern Your will for our lives.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Through the Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti for forgiveness, may we find solace and strength in seeking reconciliation and extending mercy. And as we recite the Catholic prayer before going on a date, may God’s guidance and blessings illuminate our path, fostering relationships rooted in love, respect, and divine grace.

What is the Famous Message of St. Maria Goretti?

At the core of St. Maria Goretti’s message is the transformative power of love, forgiveness, and purity. Her life, marked by immense challenges and unwavering faith, speaks volumes about the beauty and strength found in these virtues.

Her remarkable act of forgiveness towards her assailant reminds us that forgiveness is a divine gift that can heal even the deepest wounds. Her message calls us to let go of anger, resentment, and the desire for vengeance, replacing them with mercy, compassion, and reconciliation.

Furthermore, St. Maria Goretti’s commitment to preserving her purity, even at the cost of her own life, emphasizes the importance of purity in thought, word, and deed. Her message encourages us to embrace the virtue of chastity, safeguarding the sacredness of our bodies and souls, and honoring the gift of human sexuality according to God’s design.

In essence, St. Maria Goretti’s message can be summarized as an invitation to live lives infused with love, forgiveness, and purity. She teaches us that even in the face of grave adversity, we have the power to choose the path of holiness, drawing strength from God’s grace and embodying His love in our daily lives.

How Can the Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti Help Me Become a Saint?

The prayer to St. Maria Goretti can be a powerful tool on our journey toward sainthood. By turning to her in prayer, we invite her intercession and seek her guidance as we strive to grow in love, forgiveness, and purity.

Through the prayer to St. Maria Goretti, we can:

  1. Seek Her Intercession: The prayer to St. Maria Goretti allows us to ask for her intercession before the throne of God. We can present our intentions, struggles, and desires for holiness to her, trusting in her powerful advocacy on our behalf.
  2. Draw Inspiration from Her Example: As we recite the prayer, we are reminded of St. Maria Goretti’s virtuous life and the challenges she faced. Her example inspires us to persevere in our own spiritual journey, to embrace forgiveness, and to strive for purity, even in the face of adversity.
  3. Receive Grace and Guidance: Through the prayer to St. Maria Goretti, we open our hearts to receive the grace and guidance necessary to live virtuous lives. We invite her to accompany us, to help us discern God’s will, and to strengthen us in our pursuit of holiness.
  4. Embrace the Call to Love and Forgive: The prayer to St. Maria Goretti helps us to internalize her message of love and forgiveness. As we pray, we ask for the grace to imitate her example, to extend mercy and forgiveness to others, and to foster a spirit of reconciliation in our relationships.

By incorporating the Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti into our spiritual practice, we invite her into our lives as a faithful friend and intercessor. Through her prayers and guidance, we are encouraged to follow in her footsteps and embark on the path toward sainthood, rooted in love, forgiveness, and purity.

May the Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti be a source of solace, inspiration, and transformation in our lives. Through her intercession, may we grow in holiness, becoming saints-in-the-making, radiating God’s love and mercy to the world around us.

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Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti
Prayer of Saint Maria Goretti

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