st. scholastica

14 Fascinating Facts about St. Scholastica

14 Fascinating Facts about St. Scholastica

St. Scholastica is quite an interesting historical figure. I’ve got some fun facts to share with you that I think you’ll love!

st. scholastica
st. scholastica

Who was St Scholastica?

First, let me introduce you to St. Scholastica. She was a Christian saint who lived in Italy during the 5th century. She was the twin sister of Saint Benedict of Nursia, who is known for founding the Benedictine Order of monks. Together, they were a powerful duo of religious figures who contributed greatly to the spread of Christianity in Europe.

When was st Scholastica born?

St. Scholastica was born in 480 AD in Nursia, Italy. She was the twin sister of Saint Benedict, who is known for founding the Benedictine order. St. Scholastica and Benedict were very close, and they had a deep bond of spiritual and emotional connection.

St. Scholastica was known for her deep faith and her love for God. She devoted her life to serving the Lord and spreading his message of love and compassion. She founded a convent in Plombariola, Italy, where she lived a life of prayer and devotion. (Franciscan Media)

Now, let’s talk about the miracles of St. Scholastica. She was known for her great faith and her ability to perform miracles. Here are some of the most famous miracles associated with St. Scholastica:

  • The first miracle occurred when St. Scholastica asked her brother, Benedict, to stay with her for the night. Benedict refused, but St. Scholastica prayed and a sudden storm prevented him from leaving. They spent the night together in prayer and conversation. This miracle is often depicted in art, with St. Scholastica praying and a storm raging outside.
  • Another miracle occurred when St. Scholastica prayed for a rainstorm to continue, so that her brother would be forced to stay longer. Her prayer was answered, and the storm continued throughout the night. This miracle is a testament to St. Scholastica’s deep faith and her ability to call upon the power of God.
  • A third miracle occurred after St. Scholastica died. Benedict saw a vision of her soul ascending to heaven in the form of a dove. This vision gave him great comfort and peace, knowing that his beloved sister was in heaven with the Lord.

St. Scholastica was a woman of great faith and devotion. She was born in 480 AD in Nursia, Italy, and she devoted her life to serving the Lord. She performed several miracles throughout her life, including the famous storm that prevented her brother from leaving and the vision of her soul ascending to heaven. Let us remember St. Scholastica and her miracles, and let us strive to live a life of faith and devotion like she did.

st. scholastica
st. scholastica

Did you know that St. Scholastica is the patron saint of nuns and education? It’s true! She was known for her deep devotion and her commitment to living a life of service. She founded a convent of nuns near Monte Cassino, which is where her brother Benedict founded his famous monastery.

St. Scholastica is also famous for a miraculous incident that occurred shortly before her death. Legend has it that she was having a conversation with her brother when she asked him to stay with her for the night so they could continue talking. Benedict refused, insisting that he needed to return to his monastery. St. Scholastica prayed to God, and suddenly a thunderstorm broke out, preventing Benedict from leaving. The storm raged all night, and the siblings spent their time in prayer and conversation. The next morning, St. Scholastica passed away, and Benedict saw a dove flying up to heaven, symbolizing her soul being carried to God.

Another interesting fact about St. Scholastica is that her feast day is celebrated on February 10th. This day is known as the “Feast of St. Scholastica,” and it is a day of celebration and remembrance for her life and contributions to Christianity.

They were, in fact, twins! How delightful is that? Born in the 5th century, Benedict and St. Scholastica were siblings who shared a deep love for their faith and a strong commitment to serving God.

st. scholastica
st. scholastica

Now, you also asked about the remains of Saint Benedict. That is a very interesting question indeed! The tomb of Saint Benedict is located at the famous Monte Cassino Abbey in Italy. This is the very same abbey that Benedict founded, and it remains an important site of Christian pilgrimage to this day.

The tomb of Saint Benedict is a place of great reverence and importance to many people around the world. It is a place where people come to pay their respects to the man who founded one of the most important orders of monks in Christian history. Visitors to the tomb often leave offerings of flowers or candles as a sign of their devotion and gratitude.

But what about St. Scholastica? Well, as it turns out, she is also buried at the Monte Cassino Abbey, right alongside her beloved brother. The tomb of Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica is a truly remarkable sight to behold. It is a place of great peace and tranquility, where the faithful can come to find solace and strength in their faith.


The tombs and Monte Cassino Abbey are located about an hour and a half south of Rome. Obviously, you’ll need to go to Rome if you venture out that way so make sure you get a car or map it out by train. I’ve found some great tickets for you to tour around at the vatican HERE.

You can also click the picture below to check it out.


How do I make a pilgrimage to see St. Scholastica?

St. Scholastica’s relics are located in a number of different places around the world. The most notable location is at the Abbey of St. Scholastica in Subiaco, Italy, which is where she is believed to have founded a community of nuns.

If you are interested in making a pilgrimage to see St. Scholastica’s relics, there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, research the locations where her relics are located and determine which one is most accessible to you. Then, make travel arrangements and plan your itinerary carefully, taking into account any cultural or religious customs you may encounter along the way.

st. scholastica
st. scholastica

Once you arrive at your destination, take some time to familiarize yourself with the local customs and traditions. You may want to attend a Mass or other religious service in honor of St. Scholastica, or participate in a procession or other commemorative event.

It’s also a good idea to take some time for personal reflection and prayer during your pilgrimage. St. Scholastica is known for her deep devotion to God, and many people find that spending time in quiet contemplation can help deepen their own spiritual journey.

Who canonized st. scholastica?

St. Scholastica was canonized by the Catholic Church, and her feast day is celebrated on February 10th. This day is known as the Feast of St. Scholastica, and it is celebrated by Catholics around the world in a variety of ways.

What is the feast day of St. Scholatica and how do people celebrate it around the world?

In some places, people attend Mass or participate in other religious services in honor of St. Scholastica. Others may choose to make a pilgrimage to one of her relics, or spend time in quiet reflection and prayer. Many people also choose to perform acts of charity or service in honor of St. Scholastica, as she was known for her deep commitment to helping others.

St. Scholastica is the patron saint of many things, but most notably she is the patron saint of nuns, education, and convulsive children. She was a devout Christian and the twin sister of St. Benedict of Nursia, the founder of the Benedictine order.

Where is the Saint Scholastica Priory?

St. Scholastica Priory, this beautiful religious building is located in Duluth, Minnesota, in the United States. It is a Benedictine monastery that was founded in 1892 by the sisters of the Benedictine order. The priory is named after St. Scholastica, who was a twin sister of Saint Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine order.

Where is st Scholastica college?

St. Scholastica College. This is a Catholic college that is also located in Duluth, Minnesota. It was founded in 1912 by the sisters of the Benedictine order, and it is named after St. Scholastica. The college offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields such as nursing, business, education, and health sciences.

Prayer to st Scholastica

If you’re interested in praying to Saint Scholastica, here is a beautiful prayer that you can recite:

“O God, to show us where innocence leads, you made the soul of your virgin Saint Scholastica soar to heaven like a dove in flight. Grant through her merits and her prayers that we may so live in innocence as to attain to joys everlasting. This we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.”

In conclusion, the Saint Scholastica Priory and St. Scholastica College are both located in Duluth, Minnesota, in the United States. Saint Scholastica is the patron saint of nuns, education, and convulsive children. Let us remember her and honor her through our prayers and our daily lives. Thank you for reading, my dear readers. May Saint Scholastica bless you always!

How Can St. Scholastica help me to become a saint?

In addition to her patronage, Scholastica’s life and teachings offer valuable lessons for all of us. Her unwavering faith and dedication to God remind us of the importance of staying true to our beliefs, even in the face of challenges and adversity. Her commitment to prayer and contemplation also serves as a reminder of the value of taking time for quiet reflection and spiritual renewal.

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st. scholastica
st. scholastica

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